Black Queen

Posted by Camesha Curry on 7/21/2019 to Poetry
Black Queen, Follow your dreams, never give up Listen to your heart and follow your gut. Don’t get discouraged, and don’t you dare quit No matter how many rejections you may get. Hold your head high, and push with all your mite, Keep pushing, you can reach new heights. You are strong, so the battle will not be easy You may get knocked down, but get back up swinging. Don’t accept negative vibes, or hang with negative people. You are a black queen, only mingle with your equals. Because you are black, you are already one step behind. Keep on pushing Black Queen, you will soon be at the front of the line. Be content in your blackness, and love yourself first. You are undeniably the greatest creation on this earth. Let your light shine bright, and never remove your crown. Set your goals high, and place your focus on achieving them. Even if you are the only person that believes in them. Walk with grace and speak with confidence, even if the obstacles are getting intense. Black Queen this is what you were built for, overcoming obstacles and breaking down doors. Dream big, hustle hard, and never lose focus Eventually that door will open. Once it’s open, illuminate the world with magic Be bold black Queen, whatever you want you can have it!! Get out in the world and create your own lanes, Remember the black Queen is the most powerful piece in the game!!! Signed. Euphorically Black Queen ?

Be Euphorically Black

Posted by Camesha Curry on 5/1/2019 to Words from Euphorically Black
Being Euphorically Black simply means being happy and content in your blackness. In a world full of people wanting to fit in, be that person to stand out. Be proud of our culture and express it unapologetically. Wear those accessories, wear that head-wrap, wear that t-shirt. Whatever it may be, just do it. You do not have to fit into societies norms, you do not have to dress and accessorize to please white America. Euphorically Black encourages you to embrace every aspect of our culture, uniqueness, and creativity. Don't be afraid to step out of the comfort zone that was set and Be Euphorically Black!!! Be Bold, Be Black, Express Yourself!!!